The leaning post boxes of Taipei 小紅 & 小綠

Taipei has a new tourist attraction: a couple of leaning post boxes!20150810_004 Before the arrival of typhoon Soudelor in August 7th, 2015, this couple of post boxes were just some ordinary ones. Everyday hundreds of people passed by, and probably only a few even noticed them. But in the night from 7th to 8th of August, typhoon Soudelor crossed Taiwan. The strong winds ripped off a sign board from a nearby shop, and it crashed on the post boxes. The impact was so strong, that both boxes were tilted. Below is a screenshot from a news video showing the post boxes right after getting hit by the sign. The full video can be seen here.


After the rain and wind disappeared, people noticed these boxes and started posting photos. And in Taiwan things can go viral very quickly. Here is a short article about the post boxes in the Taipei Times and another one in Focus Taiwan. And of course the story was already on different TV news channels, for example here.

Originally the post wanted to replace the leaning boxes with new ones. But in the meantime the post boxes got so much fans, that the Taiwanese post is rethinking the plan. The post boxes even have names now: 小紅 and 小綠, means little red and little green. If the post boxes are still fully functional and there is no danger for pedestrians, then they might be preserved like this. On Monday (August, 10th) I went to this place, because I wanted to see the post boxes and, what is more interesting, the Taiwanese craziness for them. When I arrived in the afternoon, I was impressed how good this place was already managed. The post had staff there, watching that people don’t go on the street and get hit by a car or scooter. 20150810_006 They made a queuing line, so that people can queue to make a photo together with the post boxes. There was already a queue, but not that long. Probably during the next weekend it will be like hell there. 20150810_005 Besides the queue for posing next to the post boxes, several clusters of people developed around this place. All of them taking photos of the post boxes and of other people taking photos of the boxes. 20150810_009 Even cars and scooters stopped to take a photo out of the window, and blocking the traffic. The three guys from the post were already quite busy dealing with the traffic there. So I am quite curious about the weekend chaos there. 20150810_012 During my visit some company or organization used this place already for advertisement. Two mascots arrived and it was possible to take photos with them and the leaning post boxes. Some sort of double happiness 😉 20150810_010 The funny thing about the post boxes is, that with a little bit of phantasy, you can see a face in them. The eyes are the openings where the letters are inserted. The logo of the post is the nose and the mouth is formed by the opening in the lower part. Actually they look more like grumpy post boxes. And now you can make small stories with them. Like in this image: Post boxes looking sceptic at the lady, who is pushing them, and shouting: Post man, post man, please help us to get rid of the lady! 20150810_003Or this one here: Post boxes looking sceptic at the crowd and leaning away from them, thinking: OMG, please don’t come to us and touch us all the time. 20150810_011Well, you can go on and make your own silly story with them.

Best time to go

This is a brand new tourist attraction, and it is not clear if this will be maintained for the next years. So better come as soon as possible. Based on my experience with popular sightseeing spots in Taipei, I recommend NOT to go on a weekend. Better go during working days in the morning or early afternoon to avoid over crowding. The time needed for a visit is very short. Except someone wants to queue to take photos with the post boxes together.


The post boxes are located on Longjiang Rd. near the intersection of Nanjing East Rd, opposite of the China Airlines building. The place can be easily reached by public transport. By MRT green line or brown line to Nanjing Fuxing station, leave the station at exit 1, and walk the lane streight ahead from the exit. It is only few minutes walk. Or by bus to the stop  Nanjing Longjiang intersection (南京龍江路口). It is also possible to come by car. There are parking lots nearby.


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