The Circular or Yellow Line is the newest line of the MRT system in Taipei and New Taipei. In its final stage the line makes a big circle around the city connecting all other MRT lines. Construction started in July 2011 and the first section of the line should have been opened in June 2018. However, due to delays the line will open on 31. January 2020. This first section is 15.4 km long, has 14 stations and connects Dapinglin to New Taipei Industrial Park.

On 19. January 2020 the trial phase started and people can take the trains for free. During this trial phase the trains run only between 10 am and 4 pm.

I used the chance and took the new MRT line from Dapinglin to Xiulang Bridge. These are only two stops, but I did not have more time to go to New Taipei Industrial Park. But this time instead of taking photos, I made a video about the new MRT line.

The new yellow line is something between the brown line and the regular MRT lines. But a much more improved version of the brown line. The tracks are elevated, only a short section is underground. So it is not really a subway line anymore. What I did not know, until I took the train, was that they are driverless and operated fully automatic. This also means, that you can enjoy a nice view from the front or back of the train. Because the new line runs through densely populated area, they had to install nearly everywhere sound insulating barriers. This means, that there is not much to see from the city.

My first impression was that the trains and stations are quite nice. Hopefully they are not too small, as this section could become a very popular line. In the near future I will take the entire line and also visit different stations to get a better impression of new the Circular Line.

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  1. Interesting. When we go next summer to visit the mother in law, we will have to take this and check out what is at each of the stations … thanks for posting. SLP …

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