Ershawan Fort Keelung

Ershawan Fort – a quiet place in the heart of Keelung

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Ershawan Fort is located in the center of Keelung near the Zhongzheng Park (中正公園). The Chinese name of the fort is 二沙灣砲臺 (Èr shā wān pàotái), but sometimes it is also called Urshawan Battery or in Chinese 海門天險 (Hǎimén tiānxiǎn) = Tenable Gate of the Sea.

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The artillery site Ershawan Fort was installed in 1840 during the Qing dynasty and was in operation until 1895. Originally the fort was used to defend Keelung harbor from attacks of the British navy during the Opium Wars (1839-1842). During the Sino-French War in 1884 the fort was expanded to the size we still see today and served as main defense for Keelung. On 5th August 1884 the fort was attacked by three French warships and conquered. French troops occupied the city until the end of the Sino-French War in 1885 and then left the island. During the Japanese invasion in 1895, Ershawan Fort was attacked by five Japanese warships on 3rd June and occupied. During the Japanese colonial period Ershawan Fort lost its military purpose and deteriorated. After World War II, the fort was classified by the R.O.C. government as Class One Historical Monument and restored.

Ershawan Fort

Entrance to Ershawan Fort
Entrance to the fort
map of Ershawan Fort
Numerous boards explain the history and function of the fort.
View from Ershawan Fort
View from Ershawan Fort to Keelung
canons in Ershawan Fort
The fort is subdivided into several areas. The largest one is the plateau with the artillery site.
cannon in Ershawan Fort
Different restored cannons in Ershawan Fort.
Different restored cannons in Ershawan Fort.
Ershawan Fort
The area is quite large and bilingual signs show the way.
Ershawan Fort Keelung
The military camp site.
old entrance to Ershawan Fort
The original entrance to the fort 海門天險 (Hǎimén tiānxiǎn)
Ershawan Fort
The entire area is kept in good condition.
cemetery in Ershawan Fort Keelung
A small cemetery for soldiers from the fort.
Keelung harbor seen from Ershawan Fort
One of the nice things is the view from the fort. Here to the harbor and Keelung Island.

Yizheng Park 役政公園

Next to the fort is the Yizheng Park, which hosts an exhibition of old military equipment from the R.O.C. army and air force. In Taiwan you can find these exhibitions in many places. Often it feels like they randomly dropped some old tanks and air planes in remote places without any concept.

Yizheng Park 役政公園 near Ershawan Fort in Keelung
Yizheng Park 役政公園 near Ershawan Fort in Keelung
Yizheng Park 役政公園 near Ershawan Fort in Keelung

How to reach Ershawan Fort

The fort is located in Keelung Zhongzheng District, northeast of Zhongzheng Park (中正公園). The easiest way to reach it is by scooter or car. Simply follow the signs to Zhongzheng Park and from there to Ershawan Fort. As far as I remember the signs were very small and only in Chinese. There are a few parking lots close to the entrance.

Several bus lines stop at 海門天險 Hai Men Tien Xian. From there you need to walk uphill. I haven’t taken the bus, so no guarantee that this way works. It is also possible to walk from the harbor to Zhongzheng Park and from there to the fort.

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