Jingmei River flood

Jingmei River flood: before and after photos

I haven’t posted anything related to photography in a long time. The reason is that I have very little time to go out and take photos, and when I do have time, the weather is often bad, with rain or grey skies.

But in 2022, there were a few floods in the Jingmei River. As I live near the river, it always fascinates me how this small river, in some parts so shallow that one can cross it on foot, can transform into a huge river during heavy rainfall. I’ve witnessed several floods in the past, but I never took the opportunity to capture them in photos. However, in October 2022, I finally seized the chance to take before and after photos of a major flood event.

before after photo of Jingmei River flood

After a period of heavy rainfall, particularly in the mountainous upstream areas, the water level rose rapidly. Fortunately, this time it happened during the day, so I grabbed my camera and an umbrella, and ventured out to take photos. A few days later, the water receded and the weather cleared up nicely, so I went out again to take photos of the area after the flood, when the water levels had returned to normal.

Jingmei River flood before and after

At first, I didn’t plan to create a series, so I didn’t take notes of the locations or which focal length I used. However, since I went out during the rain and most of the locations had cover, it was easy to locate them. The rainy conditions led me to restrict my use of focal lengths, which helped me locate the precise spots and angles for my after photos without any difficulty.

Jingmei River flood before and after
Jingmei River flood before and after

The floods not only impacted the Jingmei River but also the Xindian River, which is the main river in the area. The last photo displays a construction site located on the flood plain of the Xindian River, which was also flooded. Fortunately, it appears that people were able to evacuate their cars from the parking lot just in time.

Xindian River flood

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