Taiwan Data Sources

Welcome to our website’s list of free data sources related to Taiwan. This list contains all the sources we have personally used or heard of that offer free data related to Taiwan. Taiwan is known for being very generous with the availability of data, but finding this data can sometimes be challenging due to it being deeply hidden within submenus of websites or only being available in Chinese.

Our list aims to help you find and access the data you need by providing a comprehensive list of free data sources related to Taiwan. If you know of any other interesting data sources that are not on our list, please let us know using the contact form, and we will include them in our list.

When searching for data related to Taiwan, there are a few things to consider. Most Taiwanese websites offer a bilingual version, but the English version may not be up to date or may be missing some data or functions that the native version offers. Therefore, we recommend using the Chinese website version and translating it using a browser plugin for the best experience.

Another challenge when accessing data related to Taiwan is that links change over time due to website updates and improvements. If you come across a broken link, please let us know using the contact form, and we will update our list accordingly.

We hope you find this list helpful and that it helps you access the data you need related to Taiwan. Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive, and there are many other sources of data available.

1. General data

National Statistics Republic of China (Taiwan)

  • Probably the first place to look for data. This website is the official statistics portal for Taiwan. It provides comprehensive statistical data related to various fields, such as economics, society, and environment.
  • Link to the Chinese website: https://www.stat.gov.tw/
  • Link to the English website: https://eng.stat.gov.tw/Default.aspx


  • This website is Taiwan’s open data portal and provides access to a vast collection of data related to various fields, including economics, environment, transportation, and more.
  • Link to Chinese website: https://data.gov.tw/
  • Link to English website: https://data.gov.tw/en

Taipei Open Data

  • The Taipei City Government has launched this website to integrate open data from various bureaus and departments. The website provides citizens and developers with access to high-quality government open data collections and services like online preview, file download, and API interface.
  • Link to Chinese website: https://data.taipei/
  • No English version available.

Taichung Open Data

  • An open data platform provided by the Taichung City Government. Similar to other open data platforms from other city or county governments, this one provides a large variety of different data sources.
  • Link to Chinese website: https://opendata.taichung.gov.tw/
  • No English version available.

2. Demographic Data

Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency

Taichung City

3. Weather and Climate Data

Central Weather Bureau

  • The Central Weather Bureau provides a variety of different data related to weather observations and climate. Unfortunately the data is scattered across their website and it is not easy to find. Also the Chinese website offers access to much more data than the English website does. I provide only a few links to data sources, which I have used or heard of. More can be probably found when browsing the website.
  • A general overview of available data can be found on the landing page of their website:
  • Link to Chinese website: https://www.cwb.gov.tw/V8/C/
  • Link to English website: https://www.cwb.gov.tw/eng/
  1. Observation Data Inquire System: https://e-service.cwb.gov.tw/HistoryDataQuery/index.jsp Let’s you download raw data from all weather stations across Taiwan. Mainly in Chinese but with some English translations. The interface is fairly easy to navigate in Chinese.
  2. Open Weather Data: https://opendata.cwb.gov.tw/index A portal for different data provided by the Central Weather Bureau. Available only in Chinese.
  3. Earthquake Data: https://scweb.cwb.gov.tw/zh-tw/history Historical and recent earthquakes in Taiwan are listed here. The data can be downloaded as CSV-file. However, I had problems with the English version and only the Chinese version worked properly.
  4. Typhoon Data: https://rdc28.cwb.gov.tw/TDB/ English version is available.