5 Things I like about using analog cameras

The mechanical part

It feels really good to use dials, knobs, levers, turning the aperture and focus ring to make all settings before taking a photo or loading the film, advancing it after each shot and rewinding when it’s full. It feels like operating a machine and not a computer.


Simple to use

Shutter speed, aperture, ISO in the beginning and if necessary exposure compensation, that’s it, nothing more to do. Photography at its purest form.


No battery and always ready

Except of a tiny battery for the exposure meter, the camera itself doesn’t need any electricity to work. And if the small battery runs out, no problem, the camera still works. Also once the film is loaded, the camera is always ready to use, no power switch, no standby, no lag, no worries about spare batteries or a charger when traveling.



Never obsolete

As long there is film, analog cameras won’t be obsolete. It is still possible to use a 100 year or 50 year or 20 year old camera. They are all still capable of producing great results. Since the progress happens with film, it is easy to keep up with the newest film types.



It feels so robust

For some reason mechanical cameras feel super robust. I think they will work in the dessert at +50°C and in Siberia at -50°C, or in the jungle at 99% humidity. I am not worried to carry and use them in any kind of condition. But with digital…..the sensor might get some dust…..humidity will affect the electronics….



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