First photos with Zenza Bronica ETRsi

A couple of weeks ago I rewarded myself with a Zenza Bronica ETRsi. Before Christmas I had eventually some time and the weather was good too, so I went out and took my first photos with it. All photos were taken around the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei.


Girl with Dr. Sun Yat-sen

<Fujicolor PRO 400H>

This photo was cropped and shows only ¼ of the original negative. I am quite impressed how sharp it is, even when cropping an ISO400 image. Exposure was done using the sunny 16 rule, which works surprisingly well.


Old man with paper cranes

<Kodak Portra 160>

The photo was taken in the small park near the Sun Yat-sen memorial hall. An old man was folding paper cranes and placing them around himself. This photo is also cropped and shows about 2/3 of the original negative. For this photo I used a digital camera to measure the exposure.


Palm tree trunk

<Fujicolor PRO 400H>

Original size and I am very pleased with the sharpness of the lens and the film. The fine details of the tree are well reproduced. Exposure was done using the sunny 16 rule.


Leaves against the light

<Kodak Portra 160>

Exposure was measured with a digital camera.


Taipei 101 seen from a small alley

<Fujicolor PRO 400H>

In hindsight I should have moved a bit forward to avoid the cable that is crossing the image now. Exposure was done with sunny 16 rule.



<Fujicolor PRO 400H>

Taiwanese love to put these cages in front of their windows. It should prevent thieves from entering the house and inhabitants from escaping when it’s burning. Exposure was estimated using the sunny 16 rule.


  1. Hi Axel,

    Yes, I am also suffering from a analogue camera syndrome….. and got myself a Olympus XA for Xmas……
    Congrats to your Zensa Bronica! Is it 6x 4.5 format? I usually buy my stuff on German eBay or from – I feel much cheaper than in Taipei.

    1. Hi Jens,
      you got a nice camera for Christmas! The Bronica is 6 x 4.5. I choose it because it is the smallest medium format camera. So it is easier for me to bring it out for a hike or so. I buy my stuff on eBay from Japan. It is also cheaper than in Taiwan and the condition of the items is great.

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