Some photos from Taipei taken with Lomo Lubitel 166 Universal

The Lomo Lubitel 166 Universal was my entry into medium format photography. I got this camera from my father, who bought it about 30 years ago in Russia (at that time still USSR). This particular Lomo Lubitel is the Russian version, what is pretty obvious from the Cyrillic writing. The export versions had Latin writing on it. The Lubitel 166 Universal is a TLR camera for 120 film and it takes 6×6 or 6×4.5 images. This is achieved by putting a mask into the film chamber. It works quite well and is also a nice feature of this camera.

I shot only a few rolls of 120 film with this camera during the last couple of years. Since a few years it is sitting untouched in the display case. Mainly because the camera was too cumbersome to use. For example focusing was not easy, either I had to rely on my eyes or on the distance scale. The magnifier with focusing screen was actually pretty useless. Also the controls for aperture, shutter speed and shutter release are all arranged around the taking lens. For me they were very fiddly to use, and often I accidently touched the shutter release and had unwanted exposures. Overall the camera is kind of okay, and it is possible to take decent photos with it. However, for me it was not much fun to use it.

Here are some photos taken with the Lomo Lubitel. Films were Lomography Color Negative 100 and Fujicolor PRO 400H.


National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall – Photo was taken using the 6×4.5 mask.


Free Tibet Protest, or something like this, in front of Taipei 101 – Photo was taken in 2013.


National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall


Xingtian Temple (行天宮) or Hsing Tian Kong


Xingtian Temple (行天宮) or Hsing Tian Kong


In front of Xingtian Temple (行天宮) or Hsing Tian Kong. Since 2014 it is not allowed to burn incense in the temple. So I assume the ladies selling incense in front of the temple are gone by now.


Performer getting ready for a temple parade in Yonghe, New Taipei City.


Taipei Confucius Temple (臺北孔子廟) [Fujicolor PRO 400H]


The last photo is not from Taipei. It is a view from the Dawulun Fort in Keelung on the north-coast of Taiwan. [Fujicolor PRO 400H]

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