Recently I realized, that I didn’t take photos with film of night scenes. So I loaded my Bronica ETRsi with Kodak Portra 160 and spent one evening around Taipei 101. This is what came out. Enjoy!


This was at the beginning of sunset and I was waiting for the blue hour, which is in Taiwan more like blue 30 minutes.


Sun Yat-sen memorial hall


Three of the highest buildings in Taipei. From left to right: Farglory Financial Center (208.3 m high), President Enterprise Corporation Tower or President International Tower (154 m high) and Cathay Landmark or Cathay Life Xinyi A3 (212 m high)


Grand Hyatt hotel. Rumors say it is haunted because it was build on a former World War 2 prison camp and execution grounds. However, when taking this photo I didn’t meet any ghosts.


I am very happy how this image turned out. There were some clouds moving around the tip of Taipei 101, so that the reflection of the blue light was blurred into this pattern.


This was in a small lane. Somehow I liked the cool and artificial looking LED light.


Typical lane in a residential area in Taipei. I think that the LED street lights give an interesting look to the scene.


  1. I like the photos when it’s still bright for the normal eye – but on film it looks darker, more like evening. The first shots (incl Sun Yat Sen) are like that.

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