Some random photos from Taipei

These are some photos which I took in Taipei during November and December 2017. They do not fit into a specific topic, so I thought to share them here. This time I tried something different and overexposed all photos by 1 stop.

Film: Kodak Portra 160

Camera: Minolta Dynax 505si super


self portrait in a sculpture in the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park


Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall


Taipei 101 seen from Zhongshan Park


clouds reflecting in Taipei 101


And again Taipei 101. This time the view from the street near my lab. Not an exciting view. I took this photo because the sky looked interesting to me.


This is a wall from a small parking lot. To avoid that cars bump into the wall, some parts were painted yellow. However, in this photo they turned out orange.


paddle boats in Bitan, a recreation area in southern Taipei


Fuhe Bridge crossing Xindian River


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