Redscale Taipei: Random Things

I had an older Rollei Redscale 400 film at home and since the weather is getting nicer, I took the chance to use it. I took the photos with my fantastic Olympus 35DC. However, when looking at the scans, I noticed that most of the photos showed massive light leaks. It seems that the light seals have disintegrated over the winter. However, here are some photos, which turned out quite interesting.

A Buddhist temple next to a cafe in Wulai.
This lane is on the campus of National Taiwan University.
Monk statue along the driveway to a temple in Wulai.
Not sure what the purpose of this small building was, but now it is occupied by cats.
Lu Ming Hall on the campus of National Taiwan University.
Office buildings in Taipei.
Basketball stadium in Taipei.
In an abandoned building.
Selfie in the bathroom of an abandoned house.


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