view from Gongziliao Fort in Keelung

Gongzi Liao Fort (Gangziliao fort) in Keelung – the largest fort with a fantastic view on the north coast

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Gongzi Liao Fort, or sometimes written as Gangziliao fort, is located in the north east of Keelung at the border of Zhongzheng (中正區) und Xinyi District (信義區). It is the largest and best preserved fort in Keelung. Many buildings, such as the fortifications, barracks, ammunition depot, storage, quarters for officers, toilets, and guard stations are well preserved. The fort was constructed during the Qing dynasty. In the years 1900 to 1908 it was expanded by the Japanese to protect the north east coast during the Russo-Japanese War.

You can read more about the old fortresses in Keelung here.

Due to its location you can have a great view from the fort over the north coast up to Bitou Cape (鼻頭角海岸). And when the weather is really good with a clear sky, you can even see Taipei 101 peaking through the mountains.

Introduction of the fort

Keelung northcoast, view from Gongziliao Fort to Bitou Cape
View from the fort on the north coast. Bitou Cape is on the horizon. (Click image for a larger view)
Gongziliao Fort Keelung
The fort is quite large. At the entrance you can see remnants of the quarters.
Gongziliao Fort Keelung old toilet
The building at the right was the toilet.
Gongziliao Fort Keelung inside old toilet building
Inside the toilet building. Must have been cozy to do your business with others sitting next to you.
Gongziliao Fort Keelung
At the entrance you can find this tunnel. It is accessible and extends quite far into the hill.
Gongziliao Fort Keelung ammunition depot
This was probably the ammunition depot.
Gongziliao Fort Keelung
From most of the buildings only remnants were left.
Gongziliao Fort Keelung cannons
This was the location of the cannons.
Gongziliao Fort Keelung plateau
The plateau above the fort.
Gongziliao Fort Keelung view on Keelung Island
View on Keelung Island. The sign warns of a steep cliff. Be careful!
Gongziliao Fort Keelung
One side of the plateau was closed. But it didn’t stop visitors from going.
Gongziliao Fort Keelung bunker
In the closed area was a bunker, which was constructed in more recent times.
Gongziliao Fort Keelung
View over the north coast.
Gongziliao Fort Keelung Taipei 101
Taipei 101 seen from Gongziliao Fort.

How to get to Gongzi Liao Fort

It is possible to drive up to the fort or to hike. If you want to drive, take Xiangfeng Street (祥豐街) and then Lide Road (立德路). There are signs showing the direction to the fort. Near the entrance to the fort only very few parking spots for cars are available. During weekends it might be crowded.

You can take different hiking trails to the fort. Here I introduce only one of them. The trail entrance is on the campus the National Taiwan Ocean University (國立臺灣海洋大學). The campus can be accessed any time. In front of the main entrance is a bus stop “Hai Da (Seaside Xiao Men)” or in Chinese 海大(濱海校門). It is not possible to park a car on the campus. But there are plenty of parking spots around the main entrance.

The main entrance of National Taiwan Ocean University.

From the main entrance walk straight for about 200 m until this sculpture.


Turn left and walk alongside this building.


At the end of the road is the trail entrance. There is a wooden platform and signs.


Take the stairs uphill.


About half way you will have a first view on Keelung Island.


Continue uphill until you reach a fork. Keep right. If you go left, you will make a circle and come back to the university.


At the end of the trail you will reach this pavilion. From here you can enjoy a nice view on Heping Island.


At the pavilion turn left and follow the road uphill until you reach the fort. There is also a map at the side of the road.


At the end of the road is the entrance to the fort.

Gongziliao Fort entrance

Link to map on Google Maps

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