Small town in southern Taiwan – another view on Taiwan

As every Chinese New Year I traveled to southern Taiwan to visit relatives of my wife. Since the weather in south is much much better than in Taipei, it was a good chance to take more photos with my Bronica. One afternoon I had a short walk around the town. Here are some photos from a small town in southern Taiwan. Enjoy another view on Taiwan.

 All photos were taken on Kodak Portra 160. The exposure was measured with an Olympus OM-D EM10, which is now a good companion of the Bronica.


The main street.


A small temple. There are quite a lot of temples in this small town.


A shop selling betel nuts. But there was no betel nut beauty (檳榔西施) selling them.


Not exactly sure for what these baskets are used.


Scooters are the main way of transportation here.


Very common in countryside are these aviaries for racing pigeons.


Vendor selling food on the side of the street.


A small shrine dedicated to Tudigong (土地公) or “Lord of the Soil and the Ground”. In this town these shrines can be found almost in every corner.




Outside of the town. Flat and empty.


This was nearby the town. There is a race track with a construction that looks like a huge plane. On top of this plane was a viewing platform.


Not far away is the south-east coast of Taiwan, were I could enjoy a nice sunset.

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