Taiwan B/W – My attempt on black & white photography, part 1

Last year (2016) I started to do some b/w photography, including developing the films by myself. When I started, the first question was, which film shall I take? There are much more b/w films available than color films. And the choice is really difficult. So in the end I walked into a shop and bought one roll of Ilford Pan 100, because it was cheap and I had to start somewhere. The second film I tried was Washi Z 400, which gave interesting results and I am thinking to give it a second try. After that I used a couple of rolls Kodak Tri-X 400. And my last rolls I tried were Kodak T-Max 100 and 400, which I liked most. I still have Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100 and Lomography Lady Grey 400, which I haven’t tried yet.

Here are some photos from last year. All of them were taken with Minolta XD-7.

001_Ilford Pan XD.jpg

<Ilford Pan 100>

002_Washi Z 400 XD 002.jpg

<Washi Z 400>

003_Washi Z 400 XD 003.jpg

<Washi Z 400>

004_Washi Z 400 XD.jpg

<Washi Z 400>


<Kodak Tri-X 400>


<Kodak Tri-X 400>


<Kodak Tri-X 400>


<Kodak Tri-X 400>


<Kodak Tri-X 400>


<Kodak Tri-X 400>

There are more photos and some final thoughts in the second part (will be published soon).


  1. Hi Alex,

    Nice photos, as always!

    I was wondering if you know another source in Taipei to buy darkroom-material. I always go to that one shop in Han Kou street, but they only sell Ilford. I am also using the Pan 100 since a couple of years & the Pan 400, but it would be nice to have a wider choice of chemicals, papers & films.

    After a 2 year break I could also set up my darkroom again. I found refuge in my sister in laws’ apartment – give me a 2 Ping room without windows and I am in heaven. First time that I made prints from the Olympus XA negatives! Very good quality.

    If you are in for a ‘Analog-Stammtisch’ somewhere downtown, let me know.



    1. Hi Jens,

      Analaog-Stammtisch sounds good and I am interested in this.

      I bought my stuff in Germany and shipped it to Taiwan, because I had no idea where to get it here. But my equipment is very basic, just a developing tank, changing bag and some accessories. The chemicals I ordered from online shops in Taiwan. It would be nice to have a source here in Taiwan for all the materials. I buy my films in a shop in Boai Road and one in Hankou Street. And I agree that more choice would be good.

      See you,

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