Taiwan B/W – My attempt on black & white photography, part 2

In the first part I wrote a little bit about the beginning and which films I tried. Here are a few more photos. Enjoy!

011_Tri-X 400 XD7 001.jpg

<Kodak Tri-X 400 & Minolta XD-7>


<Kodak Tri-X 400 & Minolta XD-7>


<Kodak Tri-X 400 & Minolta XD-7>


<Kodak Tri-X 400 & Minolta XD-7>


<Kodak Tri-X 400 & Minolta XD-7>


<Kodak T-Max 400 & Olympus 35DC>

016_T-Max100_Dynax505 (1).jpg

<Kodak T-Max 100 & Minolta Dynax 505si super>

017_T-Max100_Dynax505 (2).jpg

<Kodak T-Max 100 & Minolta Dynax 505si super>

018_T-Max100_Dynax505 (3).jpg

<Kodak T-Max 100 & Minolta Dynax 505si super>

019_T-Max100_Dynax505 (4).jpg

<Kodak T-Max 100 & Minolta Dynax 505si super>

Some final words

Black and white photography is a nice challenge for me. Learning to see the world in b/w is tricky. Scenes that look great in color, can look pretty dull in b/w. And the other way around, boring color scenes can turn out pretty interesting in b/w. A nice thing about b/w is that I can play more with geometry, shapes, and patterns.

I am still at the beginning and there is so much to try, other films, different filters, exposure…

Also the way I develop films has room for improvements. At the moment it is very basic, and I haven’t tried other developers than Kodak D-76, as well as variations of developing times and so.

And as usual, so many things to do but so less time 😉


  1. ah the eslite bookshop………………. i like the photo where the 101 is with this thing in front in the picture? what is that? looks like Hitchcock´s birds!! 🙂

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