Buildings of Taipei – Set 5

If this is your first visit, please read the introduction here.


Eslite Spectrum – Songshan Cultural Creative Park – Taipei City, Xinyi District

Eslite Spectrum – 松山文創園區 – 信義區台北市

<Kodak Ektar 100 & Minolta XD-7>


Syntrend Building – Guanghua Digital Plaza – Taipei City, Zhongzheng District

三創生活園區 – 光華商場 -中正區台北市

<Fujicolor PRO 400H & Olympus 35DC>


Tetris-House – Bade Road, Lane 174 – Taipei City, Zhongshan District

「俄羅斯方塊住宅」 – 八德路174巷 – 中山區台北市

<Fujicolor PRO 400H & Olympus 35DC>


CTS Chinese Television System – Guangfu South Road, Lane 116 – Taipei City, Daan District

華視 中華電視公司 –光復南路116巷 -大安區台北市

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Residential Building – Nanjing East Road, Section 5 – Taipei City, Songshan District

住宅 – 南京東路五段 – 松山區台北市

<Fujichrome Provia 100F & Minolta Dynax 505si super>



  1. Great photo, as always! One of the buildings could be the
    ministry of silly walks, another looks right out of a science fiction movie.

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