Street scenes in Taipei

This small collection of photographs shows various scenes of street life in Taipei. I took these photos during summer 2017.

Cameras: Minolta XD-7, Minolta Dynax 7, and Olympus 35DC

Films: Kodak Pro Image 100, Kodak Vision3 250D


Small shops selling food. Taipei is famous for having restaurants or eateries everywhere. A friend once said: “In Taiwan one half of the population is cooking for the other half.”


Wuxing Street in Xinyi. The photo shows the part where the traditional market is. I always recommend visitors to see a traditional market. It is a great experience.


Waiting for the bus. The photo was taken from the inside of a convenience store at a bus stop, therefore the reflections. In summer I like to sit in this store, enjoying a cool drink and free AC while waiting for the bus.


And more small shops selling food.


Temple decorated for some celebration. There are so many small temples hiding between buildings or in small lanes. Only need to open the eyes and they suddenly become visible.


Entrance of Baoan Temple. This is one of my favorite temples. It has a very  nice inner yard, and it is lively but not overcrowded.


A coin laundry shop hiding in a small lane in Ximen.


There are plenty of churches in Taipei. Each of them looks unique and so different from churches in Germany.


Wuxing Street in Xinyi. A busy street with shops, markets, restaurants, cafes,… I would say, that this street represents a typical Taiwanese quarter quite well. Sadly more and more areas getting “developed” and the lively streets are replaced by fancy but soulless quarters.

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