Random Photos of Taipei #7 (Minolta XD-s and Adox Silvermax 100)

A few photos which I took in Taipei during April.

Camera: Minolta XD-s with MD Rokkor 50 mm f/2.0 and yellow filter (Y2)

Film: Adox Silvermax 100 developed in Ilford LC29 (1+19) for 7:30 min at 19°C

Lu Ming Hall on the campus of National Taiwan University. The building should be demolished. However, some former students made a successful petition and now the building is classified has historical building. And deteriorating because nobody has money to refurbish it.
Gongguan night market during daytime. In a small lane the stalls are waiting to be deployed in the evening.
Teppanyaki in Gongguan. One of my favorite type of food here. Actually it originates from Japan, but it is very common in Taiwan.
Small lane near Tacheng Street, behind Taipei Main Station. This is what I love so much about Taipei. There are crazy busy streets, but one lane behind, you step into another quiet world.
Dihua Street. The point where tourists return and miss the best part.
End or beginning of Dihua Street. This is the part tourist rarely reach. But I think it is the nicer and more authentic part.
A multi-story temple across the street. It is near Dihua Street. Difficult light situation with high contrast. Need to come back at another time to get a better image.


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