Random Photos of Taipei #8

In previous blog posts I mentioned several times that I don’t have time to take photos. These photos here are a good example. The roll of film was sitting in the camera for 6 months, which is a new record for me. After scanning the film I was looking at some photos and asking myself: Where was that? This is always the kind of surprise I like about film photography. This time I explored a neighborhood in Jingmei, Wenshan District, and some areas near Xindian.

Camera: Olympus 35DC (after inserting new light seals, this camera is awesome)

Film: Kodak Portra 160

MRT station of the brown line. I forgot which one. Could be Technology Building Station or one of the stations nearby.
Neatly stacked trolleys. I like to call them “Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten”
Workers having a nap after lunch.
The guy in his orange shirt complemented the image nicely.
Advertisement for a karaoke bar. I wonder if the bar is in a similar shitty condition as the car.
Old style Taiwanese hairdresser. When I was about to take the photo, the shopkeeper came out and probably wanted to check what the foreigner is doing there.
An old lady was selling vegetables next to her house.
The sign of the shop means: Very tasty noodles. A simple and straightforward name for a noodle eatery.
Old style door vs. newer style door. The old wooden doors are much nicer, but also difficult to maintain in a subtropical climate.


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