Random Photos of Taipei #3: Horizon S3 Pro and Kodak Pro Image 100

Nach längerer Zeit habe ich wieder Fotos mit der Panoramakamera Horizon S3 Pro gemacht. Für diese Fotos habe ich zum zweiten Mal den Kodak Pro Image 100 benutzt. Die Farben und die Qualität des Films haben mich erneut beeindruckt. Eine Rolle kostet in Taiwan zwischen 160 NT$ und 190 NT$ ( ca. 4,50 bis 5,50 EUR) und ist damit deutlich günstiger als Ektar oder Portra, die hier um 250 NT$ (ca. 7 EUR) pro Rolle kosten.

After a long time I grabbed the panoramic camera Horizon S3 Pro and walked around Taipei. It is the second time that I used the Kodak Pro Image 100 film, and I am again impressed by the quality and colors of the film. A roll of it costs in Taiwan between 160 NT$ and 190 NT$ (4.50 to 5.50 EUR), and is therefore much cheaper than Ektar or Portra, which cost around 250 NT$ (7 EUR).

You can click on the images to see a larger version.


Bitan scenic area in Xindian, southern Taipei.


On the suspension bridge in Bitan.


There is a small trail in this area with some old abandoned houses. Not sure since when it is abandoned, because the climate in Taiwan makes things rott much faster than expected.


Inside the abandoned house.


In Taipei City somewhere near Da’an Sports Center.


Taipei City, Xinyi and Anhe Road Intersection


Taipei City, Xinyi and Guangfu Road intersection

You can see more photos taken with the Horizon S3 Pro here. And more photos taken on Kodak Pro Image 100 can be found here .

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