Things that look old (taken on Eastman 5222 aka Kodak Double-X)

Here I tried something different with b/w film. My attempt was to take photos of things in such a way, that it would be difficult to tell if the photo was taken last week, a few years ago or even a few decades ago.

The film I used here was a b/w cinefilm from Eastman. It is also known as Kodak double-X or Kodak XX. Developed in the end of the 1950s for movies, now the film is available in 35mm film canisters for photography. It can be developed like any regular b/w film.

I got my rolls from Bokkeh here. They are also sold on Ebay. But if you want, you can also get a pretty overpriced version from Cinestillfilm.

Camera: Minolta XD-7 with MD Rokkor 50mm f/1.7 and yellow filter

Film: Eastman 5222 or Kodak double-X developed in Kodak D-76 (5 min 11 sec @ 23°C)

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