My blog in 2019 – Retrospect and outlook for 2020

It’s end of the year and time to look back and show some stats. The year 2019 was quite busy for me, with many changes in private life, as well as my job. Therefore, I did not have much time to write and publish this year. However, I still managed to publish 24 posts, which is less compared to 2018 when I published 35 posts. Even though I did not publish much, the number of views has increased compared to 2018 from 30,334 to 36,650. Same for the number of visitors, which increased from 18,849 in 2018 to 23,987 in 2019. I don’t know about the performance of similar other blogs, but for me these numbers sound pretty good. The most views came from Taiwan (7,689), followed by the USA (4,648 views) and Germany (4,123 views). Overall views came from nearly all countries that have more or less access to the internet, which is pretty cool.

year end country stats.jpg

The most viewed post was “Where I buy film, film cameras, and accessories in Taipei (Taiwan)” with 8,003 views. Other posts are not coming close to this number. The second most viewed post was “Using Kodak Vision3 250D as photographic film – my experience and opinion” with 2,939 views. And third place goes to “My opinion about Fujicolor Industrial 100 (with lots of example photos)” with 2,619 views. In general, all posts related to film photography gain a relatively high number of views compared to Taiwan related posts. The most popular one is “Elephant Rock” with 1,627 views. But all other Taiwan related posts having views in the lower three-digit number or even two-digit number. It also doesn’t matter if the post is in German or English. None of them gets as much attention as the film photography stuff. The scientific looking, but useless, graph below shows the ranked number of views per post. Please note that I used a logarithmic scale, otherwise most of the view numbers would not be visible. I also added a meaningless regression, which shows that they number of views can be fitted with an awkward power function.

year end views per post.jpg

What is coming in 2020?

First of all, I do not have much time to write on the blog anymore. My private life and work keep me very busy. I still have ideas and topics, but they all require time to do research and time to write them up. The topics are more Taiwan related and less photography related. Over the last few months I also lost more and more interest in photography. No matter if digital or film. I feel that there is nothing to photograph in Taipei anymore. Additionally, I feel that my photos are not good and my style does not attract people. I keep most photos for myself and do not share them anywhere.

Moreover, recently I started to explore video. I realized that filming things is so much better to preserve memories or document life. Usually I watch my videos much more often than my photographs. And the advantage of video is, that I can use techniques from photography, but will also add motion and sound. This is something I really like. This year I uploaded a couple of videos to my YouTube channel. Here is an experimental video as an example:


Another thing is that very likely I will stop writing about Taiwan related things on my blog. Because almost nobody is reading the Taiwan related posts. Doesn’t matter if they are in English or German. On the other hand, there is a plethora of blogs and vlogs which do the job way better than me. And these blogs and vlogs are using the latest styles and fashions in editing and writing, so they are quite attractive to look at and much more social media friendly. Perhaps I will write a little bit more about the life in Taiwan. Since I am here almost 10 years, I have some insight into the life. But let’s see…

Happy New Year 2020!


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